Stardew Valley Expanded

| July 17, 2022

Now that I finally have some free time, I want to play the Stardew Valley Expanded mod. But first, let us make a flow chart of the mods and their dependencies.

my_plot <- DiagrammeR::mermaid("
  graph LR
  Content_Patcher[Content Patcher]
  Custom_NPC_Exclusions[Custom NPC Exclusions]
  Expanded_Preconditions_Utility[Expanded Preconditions Utility]
  Extra_Map_Layers[Extra Map Layers]
  Farm_Type_Manager[Farm Type Manager]
  JSON_Assets[JSON Assets]
  Shop_Tile_Framework[Shop Tile Framework]
  Stardew_Valley_Expanded{Stardew Valley Expanded}
  SMAPI --> Content_Patcher
  SMAPI --> Custom_NPC_Exclusions
  SMAPI --> Expanded_Preconditions_Utility
  SMAPI --> Extra_Map_Layers
  SMAPI --> Farm_Type_Manager
  SMAPI --> JSON_Assets
  SMAPI --> Shop_Tile_Framework
  SMAPI --> Spacecore
  Content_Patcher --> Farm_Type_Manager
  Expanded_Preconditions_Utility --> JSON_Assets
  Expanded_Preconditions_Utility --> Shop_Tile_Framework
  Spacecore --> JSON_Assets
  SMAPI --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Content_Patcher --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Custom_NPC_Exclusions --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Expanded_Preconditions_Utility --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Extra_Map_Layers --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Farm_Type_Manager --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  JSON_Assets --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  SAAT --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Shop_Tile_Framework --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded
  Spacecore --> Stardew_Valley_Expanded